Why You Should Not Build Your Own Site

There are lots of DIY style web builders available online these days, so it is very tempting for business owners to want to save a bit of cash to get their website made.  In reality, it can work out as more expensive to build your own site.  By getting a proper web designer involved, although you’ll likely have a larger fee to begin with, there is literally just the one fee.  With web builders, most of them charge a monthly fee to keep your site live.  This is for the lifetime of the site, so it can soon amount to more than the cost of hiring a designer.

Another reason to avoid building your own site is that it won’t be as effective from an SEO point of view.  Most site builders have got some form of SEO management tools but they are no where near what is needed to get your site near the top of the Google rankings.

Site builders are notorious for being very limited in their design ideas, with normally a small selection of templates to choose from.  Add to this the fact you won’t have your own domain name, and you are looking rather unprofessional!  Get a real web designer to create you a tailor made site which is suited to your business and you’ll be proud to have the URL on your contact forms!