What Sort of Website Do You Need?

Websites are a complex, yet also strangley simple concept.  There are several different types of website which have their own benefits and uses.  The types of website you might choose to build depends heavily on what sort of industry you are in.  Let’s say you own a business which makes bespoke mobile phone stands.  You might make a few of these every day which you plan to sell.  This instance would be a great example of an e-commerce website waiting to happen!  With a good e-commerce site, such as a Magento or OpenCart site, you can easily list items to sell, and take payments online as well as dealing with any invoices and mailing.  This means you’ll soon be selling all your handmade mobile stands!

If you are more of a service industry, such as our web design company, you might suit a simple informative website built on WordPress.  WordPress is a fab tool for building pretty websites which have great functionality and can do lots of things.  You might want to add lots of images, or perhaps a comparison of your services.  WordPress has lots of widgets available to help you make your website work better and can show off your skills more.  We always recommend this to smaller businesses who don’t have a great deal of experience online, as it is so easy to use.

The main thing is to talk to your agency about what you hope to achieve with your website, and they’ll be able to help you decide the best type of site for you.