What is SEO All About?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of manipulating various aspects of your website for it to move up the rankings in search engine results.  Say you wanted to find out about haridressers in your town, you might type “Hairdressers in <town>” into your search engine box.  How likely are you to look at any results past the first page?  Exactly!  And this is why SEO is so important!  You want to be placed on the first page AT LEAST, as this is where customers always click first.

How do we get you there?  Well, there is no one quick and easy route I’m afraid.  SEO is a long term investment,  but definitely a worthy one.  It can take months to see any tangible results, as Google (the most popular search engine out there) has a habit of altering it’s algorithms on a frequent basis.  This means webmasters have to be on their toes and prepared to change their tactics at short notice!

We use a range of techniques involving work done to the backend of the website, such as <title> tags and <h1> tags, to help the search engine robots to “read” the site.  We also do some work to the front end, making the site more attractive and functional, which helps it’s readability also.  The final stage is to write amazing content which can be shared amongst social media and other relevant sites such as blogs and editorials.  This way, you build up trust on the web.