The Importance of Content to Your Website

Google have made it plain that they focus heavily on the content of your website.  It is important to understand the sort of things they expect to see for your site to be successful.  Here’s our top tips for making sure your content fits the criteria.

It is vital to avoid duplication in your content.  Duplicate content is any content which is identical, appearing in more than URL in search engines.  This could happen if a website has been copying from another, or if a product shares the same product information with another product across several websites.  A website could have switched domain and share the same content.  You should avoid duplication because it makes it more difficult for search engine bots to scan the site and index the content.  To stop showing multiple identical search results, the bots will choose one version of the content to show up in the results – this may or may not be the version you want!  Another problem with duplicated content is that your website can be viewed as spam by bots – mainly due to Google’s efforts to reduce spammy sites through their algorithm updates.