The Importance of Being Mobile and Accessible Online!

In this modern age of mobiles, tablets and other crazy devices able to access the internet (smart watches anyone?!), it is becoming more and more important to ensure your website is compatible with all devices.  It used to be the case that people would browse on their home desktop PC or even laptops, which have large screens and plenty of room to display a website.  Nowadays, people are viewing websites more frequently on their phones and tablets, which have much smaller screens.  In order to make sure your website is easy to see on these screens, it is important to be RESPONSIVE.  This means that your site can automatically detect the screen size, and magically adjust its size in order to be viewed effectively.

This is not a tricky process really.  Our programmers are experts at coding websites in such as way that they become responsive to different screen sizes.  This means that all your images and text will resize to be the optimal size in order to still be read easily.

Some website themes (the backbones of the website) have responsive code already written into them, which will only need minor tweaks in order to make these function at their best.

We recommend talking to our expert web design team if you want to find out more about checking the accessibilty of your website.  We can help you to make sure your site is fully optimised for mobile devices and fully functioning in the 21st Century!