Making Your Website Look Fantastic for Your Clients

It is important that your website not only works well, but looks great to encourage your readers to turn into consumers.  We can make lots of little adjustments to our websites in order to keep them looking their best.

  1. Backgrounds : try to keep the background a neutral shade, without fussy images or patterns.  It is much easier to read text on a plain background, and busy patterns are highly distracting, and likely to switch your customers off.
  2. Fonts : Make sure your font size is large enough to read.  Check your site on a number of different screen sizes to see what looks best.  Make sure it is always readable, no matter how small the screen!
  3. Images : show off your wares using nice image tools such as portfolio galleries, sliders and masonary grids.  These add interesting ways to display your images without being laid out in a boring way.