The Importance of Content to Your Website

Google have made it plain that they focus heavily on the content of your website.  It is important to understand the sort of things they expect to see for your site to be successful.  Here’s our top tips for making sure your content fits the criteria. It is vital to avoid duplication in your content. 

What is SEO All About?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of manipulating various aspects of your website for it to move up the rankings in search engine results.  Say you wanted to find out about haridressers in your town, you might type “Hairdressers in <town>” into your search engine box.  How likely are you to look at

Avoiding SEO Penalties in 2017

SEO penalites are there to stop website owners from abusing the system in order to get their site further up the search rankings.  Years ago, techniques used included keyword stuffing, buying loads of links (regardless of the relevancy) and unnatural onsite optimisation.  Google introduced a number of algorithms to attempt to reduce the poor quality